Andersen Design Studio Mid-Century Stoneware Vase with Tree

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I found this c. 1960s Andersen Design vase not far from where it was made, in East Boothbay, Maine. It's a quintessential example of the work of Weston (1922-2015) and Brenda Andersen, who founded the studio in 1952. To me it feels one part brutalist, one part organic modern, and one part pure Maine! The body, with a bit of a grainy texture, is kind of a stony gray bisque, and the wonderfully branching bare tree an earthy brown. There were a few different shapes of vases to which this tree design was applied; I especially like how the branches wrap the curves of the vessel in this version.

8" t x 5 3/4" w x 4" d and in great condition, with a little irregularity to the lower trunk of the tree original to the piece.  Signed (incised) AD on the bottom.