Andersen Design Mid-Century Tall Elliptical Vase with Tree

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This striking vase is a quintessential example of the mid-century work of Andersen Design Studio, a pottery studio in East Boothbay, Maine founded by the late Weston (1922-2015) and Brenda Andersen in 1952. I really love the sensibilities this piece brings together: one part Brutalist, one part Organic Modern, and one part pure Maine! The body, with a bit of a grainy texture, is kind of a stony gray bisque, and the wonderfully branching bare tree an earthy brown. Really striking just on its own, but also terrific with a few cut branches, maybe best of all with the very first buds of spring. Andersen Design's work has become quite collectible, and this is really among the very best of it I think.

10" tall x 4 1/2" x 3". Very good condition. There is a tiny bit of staining around the lip, minor. On the body, it is possible there is a tiny chip or two to the grainy surface (see photos) but if so they don't detract and I think it is more likely they are original to the piece. Signed AD on the bottom.