Vintage Press Photo of 1957 Shopping Bag Over Head Driving Ticket

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"E/B operating M/V with shopping bag (inverted) over her head--distracting attention of other drivers and having apparent trouble seeing clearly to drive." So reads this ticket, issued to Luise Squire of 8531 Wonderland, Los Angeles, pulled over on the afternoon of August 28, 1957 in her 1950 Buick Convertible. A ticket is worth a thousand words I'd say, and the framing of it, pinned/stabled to a peg board, with black lines emanating from the center of each side, is to my eye perfect.

(A little further research reveals that Luise Squire was actually Louise Squire, a Ziegfield Follies showgirl turned Vaudeville singer turned Hollywood actress, who was not born in 1919 as the ticket says but rather in 1906 in Memphis, TN. In 1930 she was badly injured when one of her heated hair combs exploded, following which she sued the Woolworth Company, the maker of the hair combs, and was awarded $25,000. During the 1950s Louise started designing hats in Los Angeles, and it is one of her own, a plastic mesh hat, that she was wearing when pulled over, as the media would later report.)

10" x 8 1/4", glossy print on photo paper, with a light fold to bottom right corner border.