Amazing Old Primitive Wooden Grater with Embedded Rock Shards

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This I believe is one of the most amazing things I've ever found, which I'd be inclined to call a "made do" creation, though one which must have required a great deal of work to make do. Perhaps it was first made as a cutting board, I'm not sure, but hundreds of tiny chips of rock (looking rather like teeth, and gathered from where I am not sure, perhaps remnants of some sort of chiseling or chipping process?) were painstakingly embedded into it surface at some point to turn it into a large, sharp, grater--the dealer I purchased it from thinking that it was may have been used for grating shelled corn for cornmeal, potatoes for starch and yeast, and/or carrots for coloring butter as well as for cheeses. The right edge of the grater appears the most used, with the wood and some of the stones well worn, but all over is a mix of darkening and lightening to the wood and a lost stone here and there which make it appear that it has done a good bit of work. Now, to me, a fantastically evocative, viscerally satisfying object to hang on the wall--art without intent, indeed.

15 3/8" t x 8 1/4" x 1" d and in very good, very sturdy condition, with a shard of rock lost here and there, leaving a carved recess in its absence, and a beautiful patina.