SOLD (JL) Amazing, Giant Old Folk Art Ice Fishing Decoy with Stand

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Amazing! I love old folk art ice fishing lures / decoys, but never have I ever seen one that possesses all that is great about them at a scale of nearly two feet long! Love, love! 

This huge long-nosed fellow was carved of one piece of wood, then hand-painted the perfect yellow with painterly red scales all over. Then two sets of tin fins on either side, painted with red and white stripes, plus tail fin attached with great old fat nails. Under the belly, a huge lead weight attached with more fat nails and painted white with red spots, though a lot of this paint has worn away, which, together with the perfect patina all over, including alligatored paint, makes one assume he's seem some use --attracting huge fish that would have been speared. Best of all, he's smiling widely still! 

Based on comparison with folk art lures of a similar nature though much smaller in scale, I'd guess it dates to the 1930s so. Sold with a custom stand that suits it perfectly. 23 1/2" long x 8 1/2" wide x 3 1/2" tall; 8 3/4" tall on stand. Terrific condition.