Amazing Vintage Faux Cake with Strawberries!

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This crazy cake! I spotted it sitting in an old glass front display case, and it drew me like a magnet, with these glittery strawberries sparking like jewels in the light! Whether created for display in a bakery, or as a prop for a play, or as a mock up for a real cake to be wade I have no idea, and while I can't really argue the need for something like this, but it gives me delight, so here it is. What I believe is a cardboard structure is covered in shimmery fabric rose petals, and then a pile of beaded glass strawberries one top and all around the base. The underside is cardboard and the whole thing is quite sturdy and sound and to my sensibilities really pretty fabulous.

About 10" in diameter, 8" tall. It's got some age to it for sure but is in very good condition with no losses at all that I can see and all the petals and berries very soundly adhered!