Amazing Carved Wooden Pocket Knife Whimsy

Regular price $100.00

In all my whimsy-hunting, I'd never seen a pocket knife carved entirely of wood, but here one is! With a little googling I turned up one other example (dating to the 1920s-30, more detailed and refined, and selling for $875! ) Of course it seems exactly the right thing for a carver to carve, and the seller of the one I found, Clifford Wallach, who notes he's only seen a couple, nicely writes: "perhaps the single object that points to the whimsy, pride of workmanship and the artist’s ability to create, is this carved wooden pocket knife." Indeed! 

With some years on it and in in great shape. Dry finish. The two blades pull all of the way out and then close back up with ease and stay tight.   3 1/4" long when closed; 5 7/8" long fully extended; 7/8" wide,  5/8"  d.