Amazing Architectural Antique Tramp Art Wall Cabinet with Pillars and Mirror

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This! I purchased it from a dealer in my neck of the woods, who has been collecting tramp art since the 1970s or so and written a lot about tramp art too. I have certainly never seen another quite like it, which I guess could be described as a sort of tramp art meets Neo-classical architecture cabinet of wonders! And with a truly fantastic craquelure to the old varnished surface.

Four tall carved columns hold up the second "story",  with three columns wrapping each corner of its "porch," and a framed mirror at center. There is a loop at the rear of the domed "roof" for hanging it from the wall, which is the way I found it, though it would also be great just sitting. And five compartments inside, defined by three shelves and a center divide--good for displaying all sorts of things. There is no glass on the chip-carved door, which opens and shuts easily, but it would be easy to have a pane cut. to fit, and the door is framed to hold one. 

23 1/4" t x 15 1/2" w x 6 1/2" d and in great overall condition, sturdy and stable. In addition to two round cut holes, there is one chip to the back panel of the cabinet, which can be seen from the front only from an angle, and not at all once the cabinet is filled. And there is one tiny chip to the base of the left back top level column, only visible from the back. Otherwise no chips, cracks or other issues at all that I can see, and really a special piece. Very early 20th century I believe. 

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