Amazing Glass Lantern Slides Carrying Case with Fantastic Patina

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This box is just about the ultimate embodiment of the phrase 'patina of use' and is packed with enough information to write a novel about it. It was designed to house glass lantern slides and haul them around--in this case for four lectures on the Life of Christ (as noted on a typed sticker on the outside of the box as well as hand-written on cardboard inside) presumably delivered by a traveling minister or missionary representing the New York Sunday School, NYC, as noted on the Railroad Express Agency label on the front. And while the slides are gone, the cardboard separators remain inside, as does END carved into one side, one guesses representing the grand finale! 

This box is wonderfully worn and beaten up, really, but still sturdy as a rock with all the hinges and latches firmly attached and locking it up tight. Made of pine I believe, it is heavy but easy to carry around by the handle, which feels like quite a satisfying thing to do. There is a hinged panel on the inside lid that opens and lifts up; one of the hinges on that is loose, but I'm not sure the use and it closes up snugly.

12 7/8" wide x 10 1/4" deep (11 1/4" including handle) x 6 1/2" tall. Really a fantastic thing, which now could be used to store all sorts of things.