Amazing Antique Hand-sewn Doll with Paper Litho Face

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What a thing! About as surreal as they come, I'd say, and also really quite exquisitely crafted, with tremendous care and a dressmaker's level of skill invested in her making, including several layers of underthings and black knit legs clad in velvet booties under them. Her face is paper litho, securely sewn to a white knit head, with this great mop of blond hair and lace wrap at her neck framing it and hiding any seams. there a small loss to one cheek showing the knit underneath, and a horizontal stain/toning that enhances her surreal appeal, but she's altogether in good shape and though not for a child to drag around, quite stable. I would most definitely call her a work of art.

7 1/2" t x 4 1/2 w. Overall good condition. Small tear to one cheek as noted, some loss to her jacket which is wool, and horizontal stain/toning across her nose. Stable and sound and not shedding.