Amazing (and very intense!) Antique 22 Inch Waxed Doll with Blue Glass Eyes

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This one! Perhaps the most unusual of all the dolls I've come across, and certainly the most haunting! Her head is I believe bisque, but has a wax layer over it, which one can feel when scraping a fingernail across the surface. Her arms and hands are hand-sewn of leather, with individuated fingers, and then leather booties stitched to her linen legs. Underneath her hand-sewn dress are two more layers--a light wool cream colored skirt and white linen bloomers with lace trim under that. Her body is sew of natural colored linen, and stuffed with sawdust. And then these incredibly piercing blue glass eyes, and gray hair, which seems human though I'm not completely certain, and definitely adds to her strangeness. Someone clearly valued her enough to very carefully glue her head back together at some point, and I do believe she is quite an extraordinary one. I'm not a doll expert, but would have to guess late-ish 19th century .

22" t x 5 1/4" w. Repaired head as evident but the rest of her is  in very good shape, including all of her clothing (a few moth holes in the woolen skirt under her dress.) Her hair is attached at the center part; it appears to have originally been glued down to the scalp from there, which is no longer the case on one side - no real matter, it lays flat.