Alphabet Drawing: T for Tree Trunk Signed F.O.M

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I found this terrific "T" along with a "B" and an "R" (listed separately) packed together in an envelope at an antique shop and just fell in love with them. I love how simple, direct and confident this T is, presumably representing the trunk of a tree, or maybe timber. I think it would be absolutely the perfect thing in a cabin owned by a family whose last name started with a T, though pretty great anywhere, really, and just wish I had the whole alphabet! 

This appears to be an original drawing done in black marker, with pencil sketching underneath, visible in a few spots, on card-stock weight paper that is, at least now, a light cream. It is signed F.O.M, a mystery maker I have been unable to place. It is definitely vintage, maybe 1950s or 60s. There are a couple of light crease marks in the paper, pin holes in the upper corners, and the number 55631 written in pencil in the upper left corner. 7"x7 1/2."