Allen White 1903 Paris Sketchbook, Street Portraits, 18 Pages

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About six months ago or so, I found a wonderful ink and watercolor sketch by Allen White (that one accompanied by a note that White was from Winchendon, MA) of a man carrying a heavy piece of furniture on his back--so I was excited to find this full sketchbook this week, filled with drawings of a similar manner, which White signed and dated 1903 on the inside of the front cover above what I have to guess is a self-portrait.  Clearly these pencil, ink and watercolor sketches were done of people on the street in Paris, with quite a cast of working class subjects tenderly portrayed.  I'd really love to keep the sketchbook in tact rather than break it up, as the collection of portraits adds up to a portrait of early 20th century Paris, too.

9 1/2” x 6 1/4”, 18 pages of drawings plus self-portrait on inside cover, all with blank backs. Very good, very clean condition, with a little toning to the first several pages (reading as a pale diagonal line)--more dramatic in photos than in person, and I don't believe detracting. There is one loose drawing, as documented.