Adjustable Hanging Sock Stretchers

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What I think is especially great about these old (c. 1940s I believe) hanging sock stretchers is that they are adjustable, with sizes from 10 to 13 printed on the sliders, such that one is sure to stretch those socks just the right amount! I think they'd just be fun things to hang somewhere, but would definitely be useful for drying one's socks post-ski or shoveling or wading through snow or rain, and would look pretty cozy hung near a fireplace!

22" tall measured as if hanging x between 10 1/2" to 12 1/2" wide depending on how set. One of them is missing a screw to lock it in place but sliding mechanism is tight and it will hold wherever one sets it without the screw.  (And I should be able to grab a replacement screw before sending.) Overall good condition with some light surface rusting.