Adam's Farewell 1906 Hand-drawn Postcard

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"Dear Aggie, Donnie thinks shame [?] to write you himself. He says you have to keep looking at this ship till you get word that he is safe of the sea, but he says keep cool and don't excite yourself. He wrote it on a bit of paper for me to write...."

I fell in love with the ink and watercolor drawing on the face of this postcard, which I think just perfectly captures the feeling of farewell, including via the perfectly lonely feeling hand-written caption at top. (Plus her shoes are great!) But the message on the reverse makes it even better, reminding one of what a big deal a journey across the ocean once was, and also of the significance (and brilliance) of postcards as a means of communicating (both visually and textually) matters of importance large and small. Really a sweet one.

3 1/2" x 5 1/2" and in very good condition.