Accordian Fold Antique Wooden Box - Sewing Machine Attachments Case

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What a brilliant and beautiful box! Patented in 1889, this antique oak wood box is constructed of four hinged parts with triangular shaped ends, which unfold to reveal a velveteen interior designed to hold Singer sewing machine attachments. It folds back up elegantly to form a rectangular box with perfectly square sides, snapping closed nicely at the top. So smart!

Most of the sewing machine parts are gone at this point, leaving plenty of room for stowing other things! This particular box I believe was refinished at some point (the exterior is in excellent condition), with the oak re-stained a nice mahogany. While it is almost concealed, one can just make out the box's original stamp, which read "Patented 1889, February 19."

The box measures 6 1/2" long by 3 3/8 inches wide and deep and is in great vintage condition.