Abstract Mid-Century Colored Pencil and Graphite Drawing Signed Beata

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I have a vague notion that this drawing may have been done by Swedish artist Beata Mårtensson (1880-1956), who was best known as the first female artist at Gustavsberg porcelain factory, 1908–1910, where she designed bowls, vases and tableware. She then moved to Paris and later lived in New York, which is when in my theory would guess she did this, before returning to Sweden in 1953. The signature is close to the one Mårtensson used she to sign her ceramics, but there are not many of her drawings accessible and I am by no means certain. It is equally likely that Beata is in fact the title, which translates to "blessed" in Swedish, and perhaps the abstracted figure in this drawing (I see an abstracted female figure, with a hand and face in pale yellow and hair and perhaps a foot rendered in graphite) represents an angel of sorts. At any rate, I think this is quite a lovely drawing! 

The paper shows wear, with some staining and small tears along the edges, but the drawing itself is in very good condition and will be quite a gem I think matted and framed. Overall size is 14" x 17".