A New English Grammar for Schools, 1900, with Notes!

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What sold me on this one is the full page hand-written note on the inside back cover, detailing the number of days in the school year (in 1901), including the number of Saturdays, the number of Sundays, and how many days for Christmas and Thanksgiving! I love that page as a thing in and of itself, but it's also interesting as a document of a time when the school year was much shorter, but very soon to transition. And as one who never went through the process of actually diagramming sentences and all that, I think it's pretty fun (and in some cases elucidating!) to flip through, too, including for the the subject matter of some of the examples used to make its points. Really, rather a handy reference to have around. 

7 1/2" x 5 1/4"; 277 pages. Some pencil writing on first few pages too, and the covers are plenty worn, but holding together pretty well and inside pages are generally in very good shape.