SOLD A.E. Farnsworth's 1880 Linen Sewing and Darning Schoolwork Sampler in Blue

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One of two beautifully executed 19th century British sewing samplers I'm listing today, both completed by a A.E. Farnsworth, this larger one in 1880. As with the other, the blue darned square on this one is as precise as any I've ever seen--the stitches are teeny teeny teeny tiny, and its just a beautiful thing. I tend to prefer these sewing skill samplers, practicing mending and darning and seamwork, etc. to alphabet samplers (except of the very unusual variety) as these feel so crisp and contemporary; so often white on white and all about line and form and composition. This one is a perfect example--carefully composed and combining a wide variety of skills, including button holes, loops, gathering, two examples of darning, and a numerous types of stitching for joining, hemming, and finishing, etc. Purchased from a seller in England, and really a lovely example, of just the sort I look for,  like a minimalist drawing but better for being a textile, made with purpose, and perfect for framing.

13 3/8" x 15" and in very good antique condition, with light toning/soiling along old fold lines, more pronounced in my photos than in hand. Reads bright and clean and crisp. .