19th Century Ladies Legs Calipers Collection - Set of 4

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An instant ladies legs caliper collection! I purchased these four together, from a seller who found them together, so I am listing as a set, but if you’re interested one or two or three, just shoot me a note. The large one is stamped with the year of 1873, and I believe the other three are of the same period. In addition to variation in the shape of the legs and feet, the style of pin on each is a bit different--all nice and tight but allowing one to open the calipers as far as one should want... I personally especially like them displayed with the legs turned all the way around, knock kneed and pigeon toed!

Largest, stamped 1873, measures 4 inches; next is 3 1/8"; and 2 smallest are 2 1/2" each. I have not touched the metal on these; age and wear as evident, all to the good in my opinion.