19th Century German Manuscript Notebook with Phenomenal Diagrams and Drawings

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My heart started beating fast when I found this one, including for the fact that its real treasures lay hidden deep inside its many pages--a surprise to discover, reminding one to look carefully and thoroughly!

The first section of the notebook is comprised of dense notes in pencil that almost look as if written in secret code, though I'd guess it is shorthand German. Then some blank pages and THEN this amazing section of physics notes, in pen ("Phisik", with incredibly precise, beautifully rendered diagrams and illustrations of measuring instruments of many sorts and I don't even know what all (physics was not my forte!) One after another, on and on, all crisp and clear and to my eye just gorgeous.

Then some blank pages followed by a brief section on "Arithmetik". Then another section of cryptic pencil notes, and then a section on "Logik" with a handful more diagrams. Finally, a short section of ink text notes on "Darstellende Geometrie." And a class schedule at the very end, which does not look like much fun! 

Photos show a few choice pages first, then selected pages roughly chronologically.

6 11/16" x 4 1/4" x 1 3/16". Hardcover, probably 250-300 pages. The physics section includes 44 pages filled front and back, a majority featuring diagrams or illustrations. Very very good/excellent condition, with some wear/loss to the marbled paper the on the back cover. Cover itself, spine and binging are all in very good shape. There is a pencil note dating it to 1870 on the 3rd inside page, I believe added later.