19th Century Folk Art Ink Portrait of Soulful Looking Woman with Rose

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My photos do this lovely and soulful woman no real justice; the pink of her lips and rose, and the blue-black of her irises, and the olive green of the rose's leaves don't come across so well--and then also is the fact that her eyes seem to follow one around the room! I love everything about her, from her expression that seems a complex mix of of wise and proud and sorrowfully resigned, down to the all of those tiny dots and dashes giving form to her brows and lids, and shadow to her shoulders and cheeks and chin.  I lived with her for several months before listing her here, and can say she grows all the better in proximity, seeming very present in the moment, and as if carrying all of the days events on her shoulders.

20" x 14" framed. Paper 17 1/4" x 12".Very good condition, ink on heavy paper. Third quarter 19th century I believe. I mounted the drawing to archival board and placed it in an approximately period wood frame painted gold and silver.