19th Century Native American Slip Painted Earthenware Water Jar

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This large earthenware slip-painted vessel has an incredible presence and physicality that make it feel like a very special object indeed. I purchased at an antique store in Missouri, and it took me quite a while to determine its origin, but I have just learned it is a mid- to late-19th century water jug from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The painting and roughness of the clay surface make it feel even older, ancient really, and it is definitely the sort of piece I would want to arrange the rest of a room around; truly, it feels rather like it should be displayed on a pedestal!

While featuring a central horizontal band that continues around the entire perimeter of the vessel, the rest of the surface decoration varies, as does the shape of the vessel somewhat, making it distinctly different from every angle.

 7 1/4" tall  x 10" diameter, with a 5" diameter opening. There is variation to the clay body, with some lighter and some darker areas, but it is in overall very good condition, with no chips or cracks.