19th C. Theorem Watercolor of Butterfly in Antique Carved Folk Art Frame

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I continue to be smitten with 19th c. theorem painted watercolors; I find the crispness of the edges, creating by using stencils, immensely satisifying, and really really love the handling of the edges of this butterfly's wings, with several overlapping layers of shadowy scalloping use to convey fluttering motion. A nice interplay between the boldness of the butterfly (especially that gorgeous red) and the wispiness of the vine and soft pale blue buds, too. In a terrific, substantial, antique wood frame with hand-carved crosshatch pattern, too. 

12 1/4" x 10 5/16" framed. Paper: 8" x 10". Mid 19th c. I believe. All in very good condition.