19th C. Stencil Decorated Handthrown Folk Art Pottery Plate

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I found this one in the Hudson River Valley a week or so ago, and, while I'm not in the least an expert on antique stencil decorated folk art pottery, most commonly grouped into the categories of spongeware and spatterware,  it had--has--quite a special feeling about it, and I'm very smitten with it. From everything I can tell it is a fairly unusual one, I believe a homemade one-off as decorated, and of course reminds me a lot of theorems, and schoolgirl watercolors of flowers, etc.  The plate was hand-thrown and is heavy for its size; from what I understand often women would attain plates or vessels  from a pottery, decorate them at home, and bring them back to the pottery for a final firing. 19th c. I am sure, very folky feeling, great presence, very charming.

8 3/8” x 1 11/16” and in very good antique condition, with one chip around the rim and general rim ware as documented, plus nice irregularities indigenous to both plate and glazing.