19th C. Paper Thin Brass Architect's Stencils - Rooms and Their Plans

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I've had a handful of old architects/draftsman stencils like this, mostly alphabets, paper thin and shining in the light like gold, so lovely. And while hard to get across in photos, I believe these are my favorites of all--especially for the ten squarish ones, each, in tiny letters, featuring the name of one room of a house: kitchen, bedroom, dining room, living room, sitting room, attic, and  best of all drawing room, parlour, scullery, and wine cellar!  Together they seem ready to map out a game of Clue--with the longer ones (plan for roof, atttic plan, chamber plan, ground plan, cellar plan) seeming as if ready to label the details of the murder plot! Maybe it's just me but I find these very evocative things, full of possibilities, and as a set functioning like a beautiful gold map.

Rooms: 2 5/8 l x 1 13/16  t (10 of them). Plans: (5 of them) 3 7/8 to 4 1/4” long  x 1 3/4 t. All in good antique condition, with a nice patina of age and use and some scattered stains, spots, minor bends/crinkles, etc.