SOLD Unusual Antique Painted Tinwork Frame with Continental Watercolor Drawing

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I found this in Maine--that is certainly not where it came from, but the origins of the finely crafted, painted antique tinwork frame are a bit of a mystery to me. There are some spectacular Spanish Colonial tinwork frames that it feels a bit akin to, but my guess is that it is Continental European. Found in it is a fine antique watercolor, also Continental I believe, which has clearly lived in the frame for a long time and I think may date to the 18th century--cut exactly to its crest shape and backed with a tapestry type woven fabric.

The watercolor portrays a garden scene--filled with symbology, I imagine--centering on a young woman clutching the top of a potted plant, with young man beside her appearing poised to pop a question, and stone lion looking on from above. (Plus what look like an amorous couple carrying on behind her skirt!) All about love and lust and perhaps fertility, too, I presume. Someone more expert than I can surely piece this all together, but I do believe it's pretty special, and while I originally thought the frame and watercolor seemed a bit at odds, I've come to really like them in combination. (Of course it's easily removed, and the frame would certainly make a terrific mirror.)

Frame measures 11 3/16" x 8" and both it and the watercolor (behind glass) are in very very good condition.