Antique Occupational Photograph of Saw Mill Workers in Presumed Sawyer Made Frame

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I keep an eye out for old occupational photographs portraying workers in their environments, which I like not just for the specific information about the trade they contain, but also for the sense of pride and connection among the workers they tend to capture.  Plus the faces, and the gestures, and in this case very much their work clothes, coveralls, aprons and alI. And I love how these five, several with hands on hips, form a sort of wall in front of the entry, with sign overhead reading "No Admittance Except on Business." Indeed. But what makes this one extra special is the frame, I believe original to it and I would bet made by one of the men pictured (perhaps the Kenneth Lincoln named on the back side), with a bark surface on the face of it that makes it the perfect completion for this beautiful image of five men and their logs.

Framed: 11 1/2" x 9 5/16". Photo: 8 1/8" x 6". All in very good condition.