SOLD Wonderful Late 19th/Early 20th C. Painter's Palette with Landscape

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About as good a painted palette as I've seen, I found this one in Vermont but would guess continental European, late 19th/early 20th century.  I especially love that it packs a double punch--thick impasto globs of color along the bottom curve indicating its actual use as a palette, and then this landscape view, framed by that caked color along the bottom, turning into greenery, and the hole and unpainted handle edge above.  With baby blue cloud-punctuated sky in the distance, like a vision, bringing it all together and making it pop.  Really beautifully done, and to me speaking very much to the illusionism of painting itself.

15 7/8” longest x 11 3/4 w in opposite direction. If hung by hole - 13 3/8  t(with landscape horizontal) x 13 7/8” w measured on the square. Very good condition, shows beautifully, with some cracking to the painting visible in the blue of the sky. One hair line crack visible coming in from the edge on the reverse side, but which is not visible from the front unless really searching for it.