Early Elongated Carved Snuff Box Shoe with Great Patina

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You know I love an old carved shoe, and even more so when it is a snuff box, and even more so when its got such terrifically elongated proportions as this one, and a fantastic surface too. I believe this is quite an early one, earlyish 19th c. I would guess, and I love how small the hollow for snuff is compared with the scale of the shoe itself. It appears to me the surface was given stained (including black drawn laces) and then given a coat or more of some kind of varnish—very hard and smooth now, with nice craquelure.  Great wear on the sole and heel as there should be, and a few very very old dings to the surface, all to the good I think. The slide lid is tightly fitted but slides off and on easily.

5 1/4" l x 2 3/8" t x 1 3/16" w. Very good antique condition, with a few very old surfaces losses as pictured, all to the good in my opinion.