19th C. Dresser Box with Wallpaper Framed Mirror and Hand-painted Print of Deer

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The plain exterior of this old box does little to hint at its charming interior, and I like it all the more for that contradiction, as if made just for the personal delight of its user and no one else. On the interior of the lid is a mirror framed in three different  wallpapers--pink and green and gold and white; and then this wonderful print of a deer on the bottom with paper lace borders, not just hand-colored but significantly embellished with watercolor additions of trees and grass and shrubs. Very sweet, and a perfect one I think for stashing love letters or favorite photos or other keepsakes of the most dear (deer!) and personal nature.

9 1/2" w x 7" d x 4 1/8" t and in good condition. Some wear/loss to the stain on the exterior, minor loss to wallpaper, scattered stains/toning to paper. Hinges in good shape, lid opens smoothly and closes flush.