19th C. Carved and Jointed Folk Art Climbing Man Toy

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I've had a couple of old climbing toys of this manner in the shop, but none as old or with such a wonderful figure as this guy, with jointed arms and legs, carved pointy hat, buttons painted up his front and seams down his arms and legs in black. Looking closely reveals that the lips of his carved face were once painted bright red too, just a little of which is still holding on. Sliding the grip up and down the long post manipulates him into all sorts of acrobatic positions, and then while the driftwood base is obviously a later addition, it works fine for displaying him when not in play. 

13 3/8" tall overall; figure is 5 1/2" tall. Base measures 7 3/8" l x 2 1/2" d. Overall great antique condition with a terrific patina. Some wear to his hat and  the slide sticks just a tiny bit at the very top (I believe just due to the currently humidity) but with just a little finesse works great.