Early 19th C. Lacquered Papier Mache Dog Face Hinged Snuff Box

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So many fun snuff boxes out there and I'll never resist a great one, which I think this is, and in exceptional condition, too. It immediately reminded me of another recent one I had in the shop, with image of a boy pictured as if trapped inside and viewed from below. (Pictured at end of photos). I'd be willing to bet this one was product of the same maker, and have come across one or two others over time shaped in the same manner as this one. What a face, a dog's I presume, though also looking a little like a bear, with teeth bared and pink tongue wagging as if about to either give a bite or lick  when one puts a finger right there to open it!

3 5/16 x 2 1/4 x 7/8 and in truly excellent condition. 1st half 19th c. British I believe.