19th C. Ambrotype of Striking (and haunting) Man in Half Case

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My first impression of this ambrotype was to think what a striking looking man, but the more closely I study it, the more he appears as if he might just be devoid of life. Perhaps this is just the effect of that very angular face, and eyes that have been touched with black paint at the centers, such that the windows into his soul are voided! A bit of a strange mouth too, tinted pink, and looking as if just closed around a canary. I find him, and the the image of him, quite compelling whatever the case, very sharp and strong and commanding, and yet forever elusive.

3 1/4 x 3 3/4 in half case (other half of case lost.) Ambrotype in very good condition, with general wear to the case, which features two embossed birds at a fountain on the outside.