Excellent Folk Art Carved Alligator, Signed, 1971

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A note on the underside of this carved alligator informs us that it won 3rd place in the  Douval County Fair, Jacksonville, Florida in 1971--which must have been a fierce competition, as how could this wonderful guy not take take top prize??! It's maker carved a fancy monogram there too, which suggests he or she was pretty proud of it, and also makes me think it was not their first carving. Great carved scales all down its back, and tiny white teeth peeking out along the jaw, and definitely capturing the spirit of a fierce and powerful alligator, though at this scale, pretty cute! Glowing yellow-green eyes, too. Love.

7 1/4" l x 2 1/4" w x 1 13/16" t and in good condition, with some paint loss--mostly to the top and side of the snout/jaw, and a bit of wear/fading the green of the base around the edges--all to the good in my opinion.