1967 Minimalist 8 x 10 Photo of Wall with Square Cutout by Bill Anderson, NYC

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I do not know the story behind this one, and have not been able to find much of anything out about the Bill Anderson who took it in 1967, but I love it. Documentation of a very early Gordon Matta-Clark intervention? Formal study of a found situation in a Soho loft? I have no idea, but it certainly seems to reflect a late 1960s Minimalist sensibility, made all the better by the wider, soft-edged margin on the left side. Plus, a burn mark along the bottom at left, which to my eye amplifies an interesting tension between image, document, and object.

8" x 10" glossy print. Good condition, burn mark along bottom edge and a little wear to bottom right corner. Shot against cardboard, which I think brings it out a bit.