1965 Carved Stone Modernist Sculpture on Wooden Base

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Love at first sight with this one, which I spotted from across the room yesterday in New Hampshire at an antiques shop that every once in a while delivers a treasure and am quite tempted to keep for myself. I really love everything about this figure--which I'm not sure whether to describe as primitivist, or modernist, or brutalist--twisted into knot in what feels like a (self) protective way, hugging one knee right below his head while resting on the other, and with these marvelously large fingers at the end of one arm meeting that knee. And with these deeply carved eyes that give him a sense of keen watchfulness as well as deep soulfulness. Love love.

8 1/4" t including solid wooden base, 6" wide x 3 7/16" d. Plenty of irregularity to the stone and a hairline crack running down one side of his vase back, as documented, not threatening the stability of the piece and no real matter in my opinion. The sculpture is screwed to the base, which is dated 1965 on the underside and looks to be read Adolf.