1960 Caribbean Watercolor Scene with Cards and Dominoes, Signed

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The signature at bottom left on this wonderful watercolor is near impossible to read, though the year 1960 is clear. My guess is that it is Haitian, and I wouldn't be surprised to learn if my a fairly known artist, though I have not been able to place the signature. At any rate, what a wonderful depiction of a lively evening scene, with a group of men (with terrific faces) playing what looks to be a pretty serious game of dominoes in the foreground, a younger group playing cards behind them, and then bench sitting elders, and bench sitting youngers, and women busy being industrious. With hanging lanterns and a burning fire and the moon all emitting glows. Much better in person and really quite marvelous.

11 1/2" x 8 3/4" and in very good condition, watercolor on paper. There are a couple of old crease lines visible from the backside but which are barely visible from the front, minor.