1952 Boy Scout Painted Totem Pole Carving

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I understand from the seller that I purchased this from that it was made by a Boy Scout, and it is dated 1952 on the underside. I'm not super savvy to Scouts curriculum, but believe that studying Native American totem poles and their symbolism prior to carving one's own was, and I think maybe still is, a badge-earning activity--and there are definitely some examples out there. I think this is quite a nice one, and especially love the vertical sequence of child wrapped in the arms of the main figure, skeleton head just below, and then snake coiled below that, head pointing toward the earth. And then these teeth! Maybe a yellow crocodile? 

7 1/4" t. 1 7/8" wide and deep at base; carving itself 1 1/16" w. Overall very good condition. There appears to be an old repair just to the base (a re-glued split) - minor and barely noticeable.