1940s Hunting Records Notebook, Charmingly Detailed (Many Woodchucks!)

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I found this one in New Hampshire, and while no specific town or state is noted, I don't think it's travelled very far. Titled "Hunting Records" on the cover, it is exactly that, and just about as sweet and committed a record of hunting achievements as I've ever seen. It begins in 1939, when its keeper got his first hunting license (as noted in the top corner of the first page), and carefully documents each animal hunted, noting date, animal, "where shot," gun used, and ammunition.

Many many woodchucks here, along with gray squirrels, red squirrels, crows, and the more occasional fox, or partridge, and one blue jay (first and only, I'll bet as someone instructed him to leave those alone.) I especially love the location descriptions: "edge of cornfield, Red Oak Hill," "in apple orchard in back of Crosby's farm," "Red Oak Hill," "other side of Red Oak Hill," on and on, giving one a pretty good sense of a particular place and its (limited) possibilities!

Every single page in the notebook was gridded for entries in anticipation it seems of a great deal of hunting, with about 1/3 of it (20 pages)  actually filled. There is a gap of entries between 1942 and 1946--surely as our boy went of to fight in the second world war. Altogether quite a poignant thing I think, including for the sense of reverence it displays toward to hunting and the animals themselves, not a one forgotten. 

6 3/4 x 8 3/8. 20 p filled (fronts). 35 pages ready for entries but not completed. Very good condition.