1938 International Tobacco Co. "Smoke Summit" Domino Cards - Complete Set of 28

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Someone long ago, a very dedicated Virginia "Summit" cigarette smoker I'd guess, must have collected hundreds of these free giveaway domino cards (one per each tin of Summits) in order to form this complete double six deck. 

The graphics of the faces I think are just terrific, with red borders, tiny images of the cards repeated in the corners, and the spots very dark green with black outlines and red dots in the centers. The backs feature red on white text courtesy of the International Tobacco Co., London, including instructions for the number of cards and certificates required to cash in for a "fine wood and bone set...free for all advertising matter"! 

In very very good condition, found in a plastic sleeve where clearly they were stored carefully for many many years. No box as there would not have been one. 2 3/8" x 1 3/8" ea. Complete double six set.