1934 ZS2U South Africa Ham Radio QSO Card

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Another old amateur radio QSO postcard, with a wonderfully earnest and hopeful looking image of, I imagine, sender A.F. Akers himself-this one dated 1934 and sent from ZS2U (Cape Town) to  W9NGB in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. As noted with one other I just listed, I’m feeling inclined to snatch up really good examples of these when I find them (even if they just wind up as my own little collection)—I really love the low tech production of them, especially wed with pictures of the equipment as here, and the individualistic expression giving identity to each station, and the idea of sending and catching radio signals and acknowledging them via post. One like this actually feels to me very much aligned with the racing pigeon photos I recently sold, and also pretty punk, aligned with all sorts of DIY efforts. Love.

3 1/2 x 5 1/2” and in very good condition.