1934 George Washington Under Bunch of Cherries Large Embroidered Quilt Piece

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Photos do no justice to this one, which makes me happy every time I look at it. I was drawn to it immediately for the naive manner of the embroidered portrait with this funny little bunch of cherries hanging over head, and then the person who sold it to me pointed out that he thought it was meant to represented George Washington, with the cherries a reference to his cherry tree, which made me love it more. Once part of a larger quilt I assume, perhaps portraying all sorts of historical figures with clever references to their histories, though perhaps this was the centerpiece or corner square with the 1934 below George marking, I assume, the year of its making.

16 5/8” x 16” framed and behind glass as found and in very good condition. The black stained wooden frame is not special, but it does the job fine, with a hook on the back for hanging.