1930s WPA Plaster Model Spanish Basque Casa Torre

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I am 99.9% certain this painted plaster model was produced by the WPA--from what I have learned, WPA artists produced thousands of these models in the 1930s as educational visual aids for schools, libraries and museums. The models represented both specific iconic pieces of architectures and a wide variety of examples of prototypical housing styles, ancient to modern, from around the world. (I have included two other examples in photos.) Here I believe Casa Torre refers not to a specific building but to a traditional Spanish Basque "tower house." It shows plenty of wear and  losses, but I think it's still quite striking, and also pretty romantic feeling in this soft cornflower blue. I believe there was once a WPA emblem to the right of where "Casa Torre" is hand-painted on one short side, but it is a bit hard to tell now.

12” x 5 7/8” x 7 3/8” t. Scattered losses to the plaster along the edge of the roof all the way around and other dings here and there; one corner of the base shows an old repair. Weighs 5 lbs 5 oz.