1928 Scrimshawed Caribou Bone Snow Knife

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At first I took this scrimshawed blade for a letter opener, but I have since learned that it is, I believe, much more interestingly an Inuit snow knife! From what I have read, some snow knives (as I believe is most likely the case with this smallish, decorated one) were used by young girls as stylists to draw pictures in the snow, with these being passed down from older to younger girls. Other snow knives were used as tools for cutting hard-packed snow in the construction of igluit (snow houses). 

This one was carved of Caribou bone, and scrimshawed with the image of a Caribou with fantastic antlers along with an igloo and an “X” with pattern bands in between. On the reverse is carved what I assume was the date of its making, 1928. 

9 1/16" l x 1" wide. Very good condition, with perhaps a tiny chip at the top corner of the blade, very minor.