1922 Folk Art Carved "Adam and Eve Joke Book" with Surprise Snake

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A curious and a fun one, with a whole lot packed on and in! Carved into the front in large bold letters is "Adam and Eve Joke Book 1922" and on the spine "Forget Me Not." On the flip side a star within a diamond framed by sun rays and carved borders. Then a sliding slat on the recessed side with big carved heart, from which, when slid open, springs forth a dark green and gold arching snake! One sees these trick snake boxes from time to time, but I've never seen one housed in such an elaborately decorated "book," combining many favorite things in one! It does appear there were once actually two snakes inside, as looking inside the box reveals a second partial one. Quite a thing, one presumes made in 1922 by an "Adam" for his "Eve" as a token of love (of sorts.) 

7 1/8” t x 5 13/16 x 1 13/16” d closed and in overall good condition, with some wear especially on the snake end of the slide. As noted, it appears there was once a second snake, visible when looking inside but not evident otherwise. By stuffing a little paper inside, one can keep it propped open with the snake in full arched position, as documented.