1920s Sandusky Cement Co Medusa Playing Cards with Hand Pasted Fortunes

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This is a partial deck of c. 1920s Sandusky Cement Co playing cards, which were altered with the addition of two different fortunes cut and pasted to each card. For me, it's all about the fortunes, which offer all sorts of sage advice! But the cards themselves are great too, issued as a promotional deck by the Sandusky Cement Co--a nationally known cement company founded in 1892, with offices in Cleveland and a plant at Bay Bridge near Sandusky. I know that by the 1920s the company had changed its name to  the Medusa Portland Cement Co.--for the Greek goddess Medusa, who turned all who looked at her to stone--so believe these cards date to no later than the 20s. I am not sure the source of the fortunes; perhaps they were clipped from some kind of kit designed for transforming playing cards into fortune telling cards? In any case, pretty great that they exist I think!

Cards 2-8 of each suit. Cards measure 3 1/2” x 2 1/2” and are housed in their original packaging, with "Compliments of the Sandusky Cement Co" in gold on one side and the card back with two Medusa heads on the other. Very good condition.