1920s Old Faithful "Sterling" White Chalk Box, Full of Beautiful Chalk!

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Oh boy, what a satisfying thing! I loved opening this c. 1920s box to find it almost completely full of "Sterling" white chalk, which beautifully tapers to a rounded tip at one end. Though not quite as fine as the American Crayon Company's "Waltham" chalk, sold for just "a trifle more" as noted on one side of the box, it's pretty fabulous chalk--definitely incentive to find an old slate chalkboard if one doesn't have on already. Though it's also just nice to look at, like a readymade sculpture, loaded with latent potential. Yum.

Photos show that there are some broken pieces, but most are fully in tact. I'll do my best with packing to see that they arrive safely. Box is in very good condition and measures 6 1/2" l x 4 3/8" w x 3 7/8" t.