1916 Signed Folk Art (Heavy!) Miniature Cast Lead Shoe

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A very finely crafted miniature shoe, cast of lead, with defined tongue and laces, signed and dated on the sole, MB (or maybe MEB, with an excellent monogram), 1916. I have to think this was made by a metalworker as a whimsy of sorts--perhaps as a present for a cobbler, or a businessman!--but I'm not entirely sure. Clearly a lot of care was invested, and the incised signature makes me with think there can't have been many. It weighs just about a pound, making it an excellent paper weight now as well as an unusual and special feeling thing.  

4 9/16" l x 1 3/4" w x 1 3/4" t. 15 oz. Very good condition. A little paper stuffing inside keeps the tongue of the shoe in place.