1909-1921 Handwritten Horse Breeder's Chart

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Pure delight to find this the other day in Concord, MA--a log/chart kept by a horse breeder recording the name and date of each horse "dropped" along with name of its "sire" and "dame", and in some cases who it was bred to later on. Personally, I really love seeing the name "Snowball" written over and over again, bred with a series of dames including "Starry", which seems a match made in heaven! I don't know a lot about horse breeding and naming, but a few quick searches reveal that a number of the names of horses here have more recent/contemporary racing horse counterparts, which I imagine means this chart documents the birth of their distant relatives!? 

13" x 8" and in good condition, with some toning and a few small tears around the edges. A bit of bleed/burn to the ink on a couple of names but overall dark, clear and very readable. Old vertical center fold but lies flat.